Hannah Wilson

Leadership Development Consultant, Coach & Facilitator. Co-Founder of Diverse Educators

I met Richard via Twitter when I was asking for recommendations for web designers. We then found ourselves at the same event together a few weeks later. As I planned to transition from my salaried contract into working independently and started working with a brand designer, we discussed my web design needs. He has worked with me for the last month to create a beautiful website that I am extremely happy with. He is very easy to work with, he is a great listener, he is attentive and has a fine eye for attention to detail. I recommend him if you are looking to work with someone to collaborate with on a website development project.

Ros Wilson

Education Consultant and creator of Big Writing

I have worked with Richard Robinson for over twelve years. Richard has a great talent for technology, producing and publishing, building websites, videoing, and working on resources.

We have worked together on a number of large projects such as whole-school curricula and my latest books and novels. He has a fine eye for detail and, although he is undoubtedly the best proof-reader I have ever worked with, he brings so much more to the task such as making pertinent suggestions and researching. We continue to work together on several exciting major projects and as such he is a most valued colleague.

Richard has a broad knowledge of the educational sector and is meticulous in all he does. I have no hesitation in recommending Richard to schools and other interested clients.

Professor Paul Miller

Professor of Educational Leadership & Social Justice. Leadership & EDI Consultant @EdEqServices. Strategic Advisor- AdvanceHE.

Richard is honest, hard-working and full of integrity. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him. Thank you, Richard. It’s good to work with an expert who is humble and accessible.

Bennie Kara

Former Deputy Headteacher. Writer, Speaker and Curriculum Consultant.

A wonderfully supportive web designer. I love working with Richard. He’s knowledgeable and always finds a solution. His work is thorough because he listens to what is needed.

Dr Emma Kell

Director, Those That Can Limited, teacher, writer

Richard is one in a million. Of the thousands of colleagues I have had over the years, he stands out for his unique combination of calm focus, attention to detail and razor-sharp clarity of thinking. I have worked with Richard since 2019 and throughout the global pandemic. His web design skills have exceeded our requirements at every stage and his proof-reading and editing skills have enhanced his offer. Having him alongside me as an individual and Aspire AP as an organisation has meant that we have been able to  offer a brand new platform full of invaluable support for school staff all over Buckinghamshire. The website has been widely praised and will have a long-term impact in uniting colleagues through the county. Richard is striking in his flexibility, responsiveness and immediate grasping of new demands, ideas and projects from others. He is infinitely reliable and his communication is flawless. He quickly builds trust and empathy with all of the people he comes into contact with and his name and reputation have travelled far and wide as an epitome of excellence and I very much look forward to working with him on my own website in the immediate future.

James Pope

Director of InspirEDucate and Founder of HeadsUp

It was a pleasure to work with Richard Robinson on the development of the HeadsUp website. He was able to take the initial, very vague ideas, offering advice and expertise on both the practical and design development elements of the website.  We were working to a short deadline but Richard held our hand throughout the process, during the launch and with on-going support afterwards.  I would highly recommend Richard to anyone who is looking to develop a high quality website for themselves or their organisation.

Ginny Bootman

SLT, SENCO. Writer for TES and Teach Primary. Speaker about empathy.

Richard was recommended to me by colleagues who had very positive experiences working with him to build their websites. He listened to what I wanted, was very helpful, and was very personable. I would highly recommend him as a website builder.

Kate Smith

HeadsUp4HTs Network Leader and Coach and Director of LIVE LOVE LEARN LEAD Ltd

Richard, who designed my website www.LiveLoveLearnLead.co.uk in 2022, and our HeadsUp4HTs website www.headsup4hts.co.uk in 2020, has been incredibly supportive, assisting me with various tech issues and offering valuable advice on digital project planning. His responses are always prompt, and he maintains a professional yet warm demeanor. Working with him is a genuine pleasure and I highly recommend him.

Matthew Savage

speaker | coach | governor | ally | #TheMonaLisaEffect®

It was high time that my work be rebranded, and my website redesigned, and I was looking for a designer who understood the needs and budgetary constraints of a small business, but who had a track record of high-quality work with industry-leading professionals. Richard was recommended to me and I am delighted to be able to recommend him wholeheartedly and without reservation whatsoever to anyone else in the education sector who needs the design input necessary to uplift their brand. Richard has been brilliant from start to not-quite-finish – in other words, I will continue to work with him indefinitely now!

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