The most important part of good SEO is not some secret technical solution, it is writing good quality, relevant content. Making sure keywords are in headings and in the body content will engage your visitors and help improve search rankings.

Meta Tags

Search engines use meta tags to display relevant information in search results. The content doesn’t improve rankings but getting this right will catch user’s attention when you appear in search results. I will also add meta information to your imagery.


Using Wordpress is a good starting point for a well structured site that meets expected SEO standards. I will make sure that headings and body text is set out properly so that people can find your site using relevant search terms.


I will use Google’s keyword tools and check similar websites to make sure that we hit relevant keywords to have the best chance of appearing in search results. This can be reviewed after the site is live to improve and refine things.


SEO is included in the price of a web design project.

SEO support for an existing website is priced at £35 per hour for up to 4 hours or £30 per hour for over 4 hours. Longer projects will be quoted after discussion.

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