The planning stages of any publication involves deciding your purpose and audience, publication format, and choosing how and where to sell your work. I can help ensure the foundations are in place for success and then work with you throughout the whole process.


After the content is written and a publication plan is in place, the next step is to create a compelling design. I have extensive experience using Adobe InDesign to create engaging layouts that can really make the difference. We can even offer bespoke illustrations and cover design.


There are many options for printing physical copies or keeping things digital. There is a balance between flexibility, up front cost and potential profit. The more flexible your approach, the lower your return. We can discuss the best option that meets your financial needs.


Once printing is complete, it’s time to get your publication out in the wide world and available for sale. Again, there are lots of options available. It’s even possible to work together on creating your own e-commerce website to take control of the whole publishing process.


The cost of publishing services varies and will depend on the requirements of your project.

Case Study: Big Writing and Big Maths

In my previous job, I was responsible for the whole publication process for around 10 books and numerous other resources such as flyers, flash cards, and stickers.

I worked closely with the authors of Big Writing and Big Maths to publish their work. I have strong experience using Adobe InDesign to layout various types of print work. After layout came proof reading, feedback and editing, registering an ISBN number, managing the printing process, registering the publication with Neilsen, sending copies to the British Library, making the book available for sale, and marketing.

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